Enable Copy Paste In CMD Trick 2015

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Enable Copy Paste In CMD

Whenever I have to do any work with CMD it really annoys me. Each time when I need to copy or paste a code then I have to select menu and bla bla bla... It’s really time consuming. Think of when you are given a big text, name of persons/ line of codes, to copy to command prompt, each name individually, and then it will be damn shit. You will have to waste a lot of time doing this. At the same place, it they let you enable copy paste system then it becomes very easy. Today I am going to show you a simple way to enable copy paste in CMD. This trick works in windows 7, 8, XP, etc. Hey wait! You still using XP? I hope “no”. No matter if you use XP because this trick works in all windows. Okay without wasting a lot time, let’s come to the topic. Follow the procedure below to perform this task.

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Enable Copy Paste In CMD using Script

Yeah! We are going have a script that will ease the task. This type of script is called AutoHotKey script.
  1. First of all, go to www.autohotkey.com from your pc.
  2. Now there, you will see a download button.
  3. Click on the download button and the download will start.
  4. Now install the software.
  5. Go to your desktop.
  6. Right click on an empty place
  7. Move to new (Just hover on new)
  8. Select AutoHotKey script
  9. Now, give it a desired name
  10. Right click on it and click on edit
  11. Now paste the following codes (Codes can be found below. Download the txt file to get the codes)
  12. Now double click on it
  13. Now you can easily paste codes in command line.
Download Code(Txt File)

Copy paste in CMD inbuilt Method

This method is also very simple. Just follow the process as show below.
  1. Launch CMD
  2. Right click on the top bar of the CMD.
  3. Click on properties
  4. Move to Option tab
  5. Mark that says Quick Edit Mode
  6. Now save it.
  7. You are done! Now use CTRL + V to paste.


Finally, you enabled copy paste in command prompt. Practically, both of the methods don’t works well however it works. It may create you errors on line break. The first method is little difficult than the second however both works similarly. If you think, you know a better way than feel free to tell us. And don’t forget to share this post with your mates.

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