How To Hide A Folder in Windows 7 Without Any Software?

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How To Hide A Folder in Windows 7 Without Any Software?

Today I am going to show you a fantastic trick that will help you to hide a folder in windows 7 without any software. Generally, everyone knows that there is a way to hide folders by changing their properties and marking them as hidden. Such hidden folders can be found very easily. These hidden folders can be accessible by anyone who uses your pc. They will find it out by right clicking on the root folder where your hidden folder is and then setting it for view hidden files and folder. This method is old and not very useful. I am going to show you another way to hide a folder that will be accessible only to you. The method which I am going to tell you is easy and simple method. It doesn't need any software too and you do not need to bother to download any third party software. In my previous post about How to make afolder without name, I have shared a trick to create a nameless folder. So if you have already performed that trick, then you can continue from step 9. So let’s perform this trick.

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Hide a Folder in Windows 7 without Software (New Trick)

As I mentioned in the heading so I am going to show you a new trick. This trick is known by very few peoples. So before others get known to this trick, you do. Follow the below mentioned procedure to perform this trick:
1. Go to the place where you want to create your hidden folder. (I will be creating it in desktop)
2. Right click in an empty area.
3. As usual, you will see a list of options
4. From those options, choose new.
create a folder

5. Then click on folder.
invisible folder windows 7

6. Now, once you do that, it will ask you to name it.
7. Don’t add any name, first delete everything from its name and then keep holding ATL and press 255
8. Now press enter key and you will find that your folder is nameless
invisible folder code for windows 7

9. So now right click on the newly created folder
10. The select properties from the options
windows 7 hide folder

11. In the properties windows, go to customize tab
hide folder without software

12. Under folder icons, select change icon
no software. Invisible folder

13. Now scroll forward and find an empty image
hidden folder icon

14. Select that empty image and click on OK.
15. Now save all changes
save hidden folder

16. Great! Now your hidden folder is ready.

Remember that your folder is on the same place where it was. It won’t be visible but it can be opened by double clicking on it. The best way to secure it is to put it to the right top place in your desktop so that no one can find it.


The above trick works will almost all version of windows may be some navigations are altered by system works same. I wrote this trick saying “windows 7” because all the steps are written as according to windows 7 navigation system. So if you want to run this trick on windows XP and other windows then you can try it out and I am sure this will work for you. Finally I want to thanks you for reading this article. But before you leave, please share this post.

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