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Invite All Friends To Facebook Page

These days, Facebook is being highly populated. Millions of people use Facebook at a time. Facebook has maintained good server to keep alive even with more traffic. On Facebook, it is easy to connect with people, bring your business on social media, and create events and groups. For business purpose, getting online on social website is very necessary. For this, people create page which has been considered as the best way to grow audience. Well, for noobs, it is difficult to attract reasonably high audience. There are many ways to promote a Facebook page, the one and best way is by running advertisement campaign. But, advertising campaign needs investment. If you don’t like investing money on your fan-page or if you don’t have money, then the other way to promote it is by inviting your Facebook friends to like your page. If you have many friends on Facebook then, it will be difficult for you to invite them all and it takes a lot of time to invite mass friends. However we make it ease here. So, in this post, you will learn how to invite all your friends to like your Facebook page at once (in a single click). Well, there are two awesome methods that work. I have tried them both and both worked good for me. These two methods are explained below:

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Invite all Friends By Using Browser Extension (Google Chrome and Firefox)

This method is code less and easy too (all method shown here are equivalently easy). In this method, you have to install extension into your browser. I am going to show you extension for both Firefox and chrome as well.

For Firefox

Firefox is one of the best browsers. It is used by many people worldwide. If you are using Firefox, then follow the below instructions:
  1. Open your browser.
  2. Follow this link
  3. Download and Install this extension in your browser
  4. Now move to the page where you normally invite friends.
  5. Click on select all
  6. Now click on invite
  7. That’s All

For Google Chrome

You can also do this trick on Google Chrome. Follow these instructions:
  1. Open your web browser
  2. Follow this link
  3. Now here you will have to download and install this extension in your browser.

  4. Invite All Friends To Facebook Page google chrome

  5. Once this extension gets installed, you will start to see a small thumbnail near the options button in your browser.
  6. Now login to your Facebook account and go to the page where you normally invite friends.
  7. Click on Invite All Friends button
  8. Now a popup will appear. Now click the extension in your browser windows which you installed in step 3
  9. Now everything is done. VOILA! All your friends are invited. Great!

Invite All Friends To Facebook Page

Code To Invite All Your Friends

This method is for developers. Come on and follow the steps below:
  1. Open your Facebook account
  2. Go to the page.
  3. Click on invite friends
  4. Now a popup will appear
  5. Click F12 on the keyboard
  6. Download the file from here.
  7. Now open the file through notepad.
  8. Now Press CTRL + A and Then CTRL + C to select all and copy them
  9. Move back to the browser
  10. If you have already pressed F12 then go to step 10 if not then press F12
  11. Paste the codes you copied in step 8
  12. After you type these codes, press enter and you are done.


I hope you successfully performed this trick. If you are facing any problem then kindly comment below so that we can help you. Thanks for reading this article and please share this with your friends. Sharing is Caring.

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