How To Make A Folder Without Name? 2015 Trick

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How To Make A Folder Without Name? 2015 Trick

The first time when I saw no named folder, I was really amazed. It was the time when I was studying at my school. I was excited to do the same thing on my pc. However I came to know that it’s a prank. Every folder that you create has a name. These names may contain either a word or just a space. Windows normally doesn't accept space as a folder name. However this trick will help you to do this job. Today, I am going to show you how to create an empty folder, sometimes also called ghost folder. This trick is fully updated and will work in all windows pc. If you are a mac user, then this trick may not work for you. This trick is only for windows users. Okay, let’s begin:

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How To Make Folder Without Name?

  1. First of all, turn on your pc. (Just joking, I know it’s already turned on )
  2. Now move to desktop or the place where you want to create empty folder.
  3. On the desktop (or the place that you chose in step 2), you will have to create a folder.
  4. They will ask you to enter the name of the folder. So when it comes to name the folder, then press and hold ALT key, and press then 255 (Remember: If you leave ALT key and then press 255 then it won’t work, so unless you press 255, keep holding ALT key)
  5. Now when you are successfully done. Press enter on your keyboard.
  6. You are done! You got your empty folder right away. Cheers!

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This post is only for windows and may not work in mac. However, you can try it out. Note that, you can create such folder anywhere not only on desktop. To make this folder invisible, keep waiting for our next post. I hope you performed the trick correctly and it has worked. Share this post with your friends. Just press the like button. Thanks!

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