How To Force Reboot An Android Phone or Tablet?

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Hello Friends! As far I know, sometimes our android phone hangs up and all functions automatically freezes. In such condition, it is really difficult to manage our phone. So, today I am here to write an article on “How to Force reboot android phone?” While we are using or playing any high quality games, our phone malfunctions and it freezes. This problem is irritating for those who use their phone mostly for gaming purpose. If you are a gamer then you can understand what I am trying to say, isn't it?

Force Reboot Android Phone or Tablet

When this problem occurs, some people prefer to take out their phone’s battery. This is what you do when you have no idea. But here you will learn a new way that will help to force reboot android without removing battery.  Actually, this is a common problem for me. Few days before when I was using my tab, running Asphalt. My tab automatically froze, I tried to go back but I was unable. I tried pressing some buttons but none of these worked for me.

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After 5 minutes again I tried to press some buttons, here I pressed Power button + Home button + Volume up button simultaneously, which worked and my tab successfully rebooted. This was what I did. I think this will work for you too. So, now whenever you get trouble of freezing, then you can simply press Power button + Home button + Volume up button simultaneously.


This worked for me, and I guess that this will work for you too. If you use tablet then it will surely work. However it may also work on phones too. This was my experience on my tab. Hope you like this article. Thanks for reading this article. Now, it’s time to share this with your friends. Please share it using the social buttons below.

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