How To Run Android Apps on PC (Windows 10) Using Bluestacks?

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how to use android apps on pc free

Hello friends! I wrote this article because some of my friends asked me “How to run android apps on windows 7 or 8” on my Facebook account. Let’s talk about android platform. Android is one of the best platforms for mobile devices. While we are engaged in our phone, we have a lot to do. Its awesome features make us sink in it. We play various games and listen to music with its great features. Our phone is the heart of our entertainment. Beside entertainment and fun, we have more things to do with its app.

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We will not go deeper on explaining about its app. However, moving directly to the topic, let’s get little information about it. The games that we play on android have great graphic quality. All android devices (most) have high quality of graphic hardware drivers installed in them. Due to this, these phones can run high quality based games and apps too. So, today we are here to learn how to run android apps on windows 7 or any further version of windows. In windows, we do not have direct access to .apk (android apps extension) files. We don’t have any permission to open these files. In such condition we have to use some tools that can help us to open .apk files on windows. This is not about just opening, but running them. This tool is called as Bluestack which is an android Emulator. It creates Android based environment for Android apps. Using Bluestack, it becomes damn easy to run .apk, but for beginners, the tutorial is given below. You can download this file from the link given below,

Bluestack Offline Installer: Download

After you successfully download this program, step forward and install it. The installation process may take 1 or 2 minutes. When you install it, open it and download your desired apps through its store. You will not find Google Play Store here. However you will find third party store where you can easily download and install your apps.

How to run .apk files using Bluestack?

Actually, apk is the extension of android apps. When you have Bluestack installed then you don’t need to worry about this. First you need is to download .apk file. You can download them directly from Google, there are number of websites that shares apk files freely. Just download it and then open the directory where .apk file is saved. After you open the directory, right click on the file. Then select open with and then from the box select Bluestack and click on ok. Now you are done.


While installing Bluestack you may face some problem, you can comment your problem so that we can embed the solution in our next article. Additionally, if you don’t like Bluestack for any reason then you can use Youwave which is also an android Emulator. Thanks! Enjoy using android apps on pc. Please share this post to support us.

Graphic Card Errors: Facing Graphic card issue while installing bluestack? If your pc don’t have graphic card and unable to install bluestack then don’t worry. Your PC can still get it installed. I will publish the next tutorial telling the solution for graphic card. Please comment below, your graphic driver version.

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