How To Run Windows Phone Apps on Windows PC?

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can i run windows phone apps on pc

Are you a developer? Want to test your app on PC before running it on your phone? No problem. Here I will tell you, how you can run windows phone apps on windows pc. Just few days ago, one of my friend asked me that if pc can run windows phone app. I stopped and thought that there must be a way of doing this. As it’s a big brand, there are millions of applications available; developer must be using some tools to check their app before running it on real windows phone.

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I did some research on Google, and found a solution. I am going to share this method with all of you. The first thing that you should do is, download windows app on your pc. After that, follow the instructions I have mentioned below. But remember that, Windows phone has high quality hardware and other features. Generally, our pc do not have such high quality hardware that can run windows phone apps, but if you think your pc can run and has appropriate hardware then follow the method. Check out the system requirements here.

Run Windows Phone Apps on PC

  1. First of all, go here and download windows phone emulator.
  2. After the download completes.
  3. Install it on your pc
  4. Once it gets installed, open it
  5. It will load all the required files
  6. When it gets completed, move forward and run your app using the emulator.
  7. It’s done!

What does Emulator Does?

Windows phone Emulator creates an environment for windows phone apps to run in windows pc. It maintains all the necessary changes that are required for the proper functioning of application. There are many emulators available; some can run windows phone 7, some can run windows phone 8 apps on your pc.

Note: According the system requirement article here, your pc must have windows 8.1 pro installed.


I hope the emulator got installed successfully on your pc. If it creates an error telling “This computer doesn't supports the windows phone emulator” then sorry please upgrade your computer as mentioned in the system requirement. 

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