How To Know If A Account Is Fake or Real On Facebook?

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How To Identify Fake Accounts On Facebook?

Hello folks! Today in this tutorial, we are going to uncover the fake profiles (identify fake accounts) on Facebook. I have seen many profiles on Facebook which appears as real but are totally fake. There are many such fake accounts on Facebook that are created to either fool peoples or scam them. There are many such cases where peoples suffer great problem or loses caused due to such fake users. I have seen a lot of peoples scammed by online fraud (Fake Facebook accounts). In this article, I am going to list some problems that are created by scammers.

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Possible problems that can be created by Fake Account Users:

Financial Fraud: As Facebook is being popular day by day. The numbers of scammers are also increasing rapidly. The main aim of the people is to fool peoples either by scamming them or something else. Fake users may appear as trusted and can hack your wallet (Paypal, Perfect money, Payza, etc.) or will convince you to send money to them. Please be aware while dealing with someone on Facebook. For example: While buying any website script or custom scripts, you should grab the project before full payment or they may scam you.

Hack: People on Facebook may try to convince you for providing your personal details which will help them to easily hack your Facebook account. For example: If you are planning to hire someone to design your own Facebook (Just an example), in such condition he/she ask you for your account detail and as a result your account can be hacked.

Personal problems: A fake account is mostly used to abuse peoples if he/she has any personal problem or any conflict with you. So, before adding someone or before confirming the friend request, you should be aware. Important: Some people tries to have physical relation with you just for fun, so always be aware and if something happened then contact Facebook support.

Why To Identify Fake Account?

By reading the points above, you might have got the idea about the possible problems that can be created by these users. Well, just to inform you that fake users can scam you, abuse you and can hack your account. As we all know that “Prevention is better than cure”, so it is a good idea and highly recommended by me to identify these users before they create you a problem.

How to identify Fake accounts?

Profile Picture: The main thing or the major factor is the profile picture. Usually Fake users do not use their own profile picture. They either use the picture of celebrity or just anything. So, what you need to do is, just go to Google search. Then switch to images tab. Now upload the image of the victim or provide the link and click on search. Here, it will analyse the web and find out what actually the picture belongs to.

Behaviours: People trying to scam you have little different behaviours towards you. Forcing to do something, requesting something continuously even if you have already refused to provide him are some common behaviours.

Activity: Peoples performing strange activities on Facebook, for example: sending friend request to huge profiles. Posting irrelevant status or updating unknown pictures that is totally out of your brain (not the puzzle game). Have you ever received message from someone stranger like 
Hello Dear, I visited your profile and found you very awesome. I would like to talk to you. Please mail me at
? Yes, these types of messages are targeted for scamming.

What to do if someone trying to hack your account or scam you?

After you successfully get known to the fake account, you should immediately report to Facebook. Facebook team will review the profile and if any such things are found they will immediately take action. Note: Facebook do not band peoples if they haven’t done any policy violation. So, always report Fake profiles rather than reporting real peoples.

Note: For best safety, I would suggest you to keep all security active. Go to account setting and then click on security to review your safety level. Phone number verification is one of my best methods and I also recommend you to activate this function to expand your security on Facebook.


Well, this was the full guide for your safety on Facebook. If you like this article then please share this with your friends. And enjoying revealing fake accounts. 

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