Make Binary Virus To Format Hard Disk [How To Guide]

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Make Binary Virus To Format Hard Disk [How To Guide]
Hello friends! Today this article will help you to make binary virus that can format a hard disk. Yes it is possible to make viruses yourself. I do not guaranty that you will be making similar viruses next time but this time it’s sure. This is a small Notepad trick. This virus is very useful, even very harmful also. You can send this to your friends or enemies and make their pc formatted. Well, as I already mentioned that it can be harmful, so don’t try opening it on your pc. Here, we need some codes to be saved into an .exe program which will care to be the extension of the virus. Before you do, you must read these topics.

What is an .exe file?

An .exe file is called executable file. It is a type of file extension for script type files. It may contain lines of codes and statements that have their specific meanings or function. Generally, these files only functions on windows pc.

Extra: IDM Full Version Including Activator

Well, I know that you are not so dump that you cannot understand the codes. So, try to focus on each and every command and try find out their function. Wait, don’t ever try to run this in your pc or it may damage your data. Okay, let’s get the codes. The codes you need will be given to you during procedure.  So start following the below mentioned steps:

Steps to Make Binary Virus to Format Hard disk:

Step 1:  Press windows key and “R” at the same time. (Windows + R)

Step 2:  Here a box will appear. Type Notepad and hit enter.

Step 3:  Now, you need to paste the following codes in Notepad,
Step 4:  Finally, click on file and select save as option.

Step 5:  In the file name enter virus.exe

Step 6:  Save. You are done.

Note: You can change the file name from virus to desired name but the file extension must be same.


I hope you enjoyed the trick but remember not to try this in your own pc or it would be dangerous for you. I found that in some PC, it doesn't work. I am unable to figure out the problem. Okay! Now it’s time to click the link button below. Thanks!

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