How to Make Single or One Word Name Facebook Account?

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single name facebook account
Hello Friends! After many days, again a new Facebook trick. What’s the topic today? Today I am going to help you to make single or one word name Facebook account. Well, this trick works only on Mozilla Firefox. Not sure, however you can try it on Google Chrome or other browsers like safari. What we need? A browser and proxy. What is proxy Server? Proxy server is a server that acts like a bridge between the primary server and the client. In some regions or country, particular product or websites are not allowed. In such situation, people use proxies to get access to blocked contents. Blocked contents can be website, files or others services.

So, let us begin the tutorial. What we need? If you have Mozilla Firefox installed then Follow the below procedure, if not then download Mozilla from here.  After the download completes, install and follow the below procedure.

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Make Single (One Word) Name Facebook Account

Step 1: Open your Browser. (Mozilla)

Step 2: Go to options.
single name facebook account

Step 3: Click on the Advance Tab.
single name facebook account

Step 4: You will land on General tab. Just go to Network tab.

Step 5: Under connection, click on setting.

Step 6: By default it is set as “Use system proxy settings.”

Step 7: Click on use Manual Proxy Configuration.
single name facebook account

Step 8: Now, in HTTP Proxy enter the follow IP.
Note: After configuring proxy, if you are unable to access any page then you can change your proxy to or

Step 9: In port, add 8080

Step 10: Save the settings by Clicking on OK.

Step 11: Again Click on OK.

Step 12: Now, Go to

Step 13: Log into your account.

Step 14: Move to the page where you change your name.

Step 15: Now, below there is option to change Language. Just Change your language from English (us) to Bahasa Indonesia.

Step 16: Remove last name and save it.

Step 17: Again change your language to default.

Step 18: You are done.

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Since, you have already changed your Facebook account name to single. So, it’s time to set your IP as default. How can you do it? Please follow these simple steps to set your IP as default.

Step 1: Go to options.

Step 2: Click on the Advance Tab.

Step 3: Go to Network tab.

Step 4: Under connection, click on setting.

Step 5: Set it is set as “Use system proxy settings.”

Step 6: Save all settings and it’s done.

Note: After changing the proxy, if you get error on Login then try removing proxy for sometimes. First Login and move to the setting page and finally apply proxy.

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Now, enjoy single named Facebook account. This trick was revealed many days ago but many peoples were unknown about this. So, I thought it’s a better idea to share this on our website and hope you like this post will love to read our recent articles. If you still feel any trouble then kindly comment below. We are here to answer your questions.

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