How To Take Screenshot on Any Android Device Without Rooting?

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how to take picture of screen on any android device without rooting

Hey Guys, Today I am going to write an article that deals on how to take picture of screen on any android device without rooting. Many android devices have inbuilt function that can take shots easily. This trick is for those who don’t have access to these function or those who are unknown about taking screen shots on Android.

Are you trying to take screenshot on your android phone? But are unable to do? Okay follow the guide below.

Method 1: Take Screenshot on Android Phone

Actually, an android phone gives a lot of features for us that make it awesome. Today in this method we are going to talk about such feature that enables us to take screenshot without using any third party application. This trick is quite simple. What you need to do is mentioned below.

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Turn on your android phone. Open the desired screen whose shot you are going to take. Now, when you are ready, press Home Button + Power Button.

The above feature works on most android phone. However this may not work on other phones like Samsung Galaxy or Nexus. To make it easy, I am going to expand the procedure for some more devices.

For Samsung Galaxy,
Press Power Button + Volume down Button.

For Nexus,
Press Power Button + Volume down Button. (This is same as for Galaxy)

For Galaxy S3,
Just Swipe Your Palm on the Screen and the screen show will be taken.

For Galaxy Note 2, 
you can try the above mentioned method that is for S3.

Method 2: Take Screenshot on Android Phone

Second method deals with application. In this method we have to download an app from Google play store. This app is fully stable for taking Screen shot. You can directly download it through your mobile phone. If you are using your pc to download it then please move to this page.

If you are using pc,

Step 1: Follow this link.

Step 2: Click on Install (Remember that you must be signed in on your android device with the same Google Account that you are using in pc.)

Step 3: Now, it will soon install and you are done.


All the methods are explained above. I hope these method works for you. Generally, it works, however some phone has completely different functions, in that case please comment below your device model. I would try my best to help you out this problem. Thanks for reading this article. Now it’s time to share this article with your friends, so please click on of the social buttons below. Thanks!

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