How To Open Mobile Website on PC? 2015

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Open Mobile Website on PC
Do you like surfing on mobile websites having low bandwidth? Today, I am going to tell you the best way to open mobile website on your pc browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. easily. With this trick you can easily use mobile version of YouTube on your desktop. I remember the time when I had slow internet connection due to which I was using mobile version of YouTube to make videos load quickly.

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Basically, I use mobile version of version of websites to check their performance, nothing more than that. But there are many advantages of using mobile version of website. I see some people, generally web developers, using mobile user agent to check their website responsiveness whether it works well or has a problem. There are many other advantages too but the best advantage of using it is to reduce bandwidth and make things load faster or quicker.

Some websites like Wikipedia offers mobile version of browsing directly from desktop. When you visit Wikipedia, you might have seen switch to mobile version or mobile view as shown in the picture below. 
wikipedia mobile view - view mobile version on pc

These sites can be easily be viewed as mobile version clicking on the link but some other websites do not offer this service but however when you browse the same website from mobile, it gives you mobile interface. What can be done in such condition? All Right. We have a way to override this issue. I am going to explain the method of viewing mobile version of websites directly into your browser.

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So, first of all, we need to install an extension in our browser. Let me explain a bit about how it works. The extension I am going to show you is user agent switcher. Basically, it switches your browsing user agent from desktop to mobile so that the website would understand that you are viewing from a mobile device and it would show you the mobile version of itself. You will be able to switch many version of user agent, such as IPhone, and other devices. Now I think it’s going bother so let’s begin our task.

Access/View Mobile Website on PC Browser

Step 1: As mentioned above, we are going to use a browser extension. So let’s first install it from the link given below,

Chrome User? Here you go. InstallNow
Firefox User? Clickhere to install now!

Step 2: Once it gets installed, navigate to the extension page (or you may find its icon near Chrome address bar)
Open Mobile Website on PC

Step 3: Now pick up the required user agent and switch it on.

Step 4: It’s done! Now you can surf any website as mobile view.

Note: Sometimes, if user agent do not have many mobile user agents to choose from then you have to manually install it.


Now enjoy surfing internet at very low bandwidth. Hope this will solve your problem. Now, it’s time to share this post with your friends and mates. So move on and click on any social button below. Thanks! J

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