How To Run Multiple Skype in Windows 8, 7, XP or Any Other Windows?

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 run multiple Skype in account in windows 7, windows 8

Do you own multiple Skype accounts? A personal and other for your X? So you are probably facing problem where you are able to sign in only one of your account at a time with only one device. All right! Today i am going to share how to run multiple Skype account in windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, XP or whatever. In this post, you can find written as well as visual guide too. If you don’t like reading tutorials or find it difficult, then please check the video guide below.

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First of all, let me tell you good thing, sometimes, people misconceptionally think that tricks always harm a computer, but it’s not same all the time. The trick today I am going to show doesn’t even create a simple problem at all. So you can follow this trick without any fear.

Let’s start!

Run Multiple Skype Accounts in a Single PC

Please follow the steps mentioned below to continue this trick.

Step 1: First of all, go to my computer.

Step 2: Open local disk c. Generally, your system disk should be c, but sometimes, it may not be. So find the disk that has files of your OS.

Step 3: Now go to program files. If you are running 64 bit OS, then choose program files x86

Step 4: Now find the skype folder. The folder where skype is installed.

Step 5: There you will find a folder called phone, just double click on that folder.

Step 6: Actually, the Phone folder contains the exe file of skype. Once you are in phone folder, you will find skype there.

Step 7: Now next step is to create a shortcut of skype on your desktop. So right click on the skype that you saw in phone folder and click on create shortcut. If will tell you to create shortcut on desktop. So proceed and click on YES.

Step 8: Move to desktop. You will find the newly created skype shortcut. Right click on it and move to properties.

Step 9: Now in the target field. You will find the location of the skype. At the last of the target field, add the following code.
run 2 skype on pc

Step 10: Launch the skype shortcut multiple times.

Step 11: Click the like button below J ! You are done!

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Finally its time to enjoy. You have successfully performed the trick without any harm to your computer. So enjoy using more than one skype accounts on any windows operating system. Hope you like the trick.  Enjoy time over, it’s time to share this post now J Please click on any social button below to like or share this post. Thanks!

Video Tutorial

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