How To Re-invite All Friends To Facebook Page? 2015

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 Re-invite All Friends To Facebook Page

On my first post on this website, I have shared a trick with you guys explaining the methods to invite all your friends to like your Facebook page in just a click. You can check that post here.

So I hope you enjoyed that post and hope the method worked for you. Now, in this post, I am going to deal a secret method to re invite the friends that you already invited previously.

Normally, Facebook do not allow re-inviting the person that has already been invited by you to a particular page. Doing that is simply not possible. However we have found a method that will let you to re-invite the friends that we invited earlier.
You should know that the one who liked your page on last invitation wouldn't be able to increase the total net likes however the one who didn't like your page or ignored your last invitation will be counted as liked person if they like your page on this invitation.
So what we are going to do is simple and everyone knows. May be some of you are unaware of it but the time has come where you uncover this secret method. I am going to list some major steps required to perform this trick.

Re-Invite Friends To Like Page on Facebook

  1. First of all, open your Facebook account which own the page
  2. Then, go to pages and create a new page.
  3. The new page’s name must be similar to the old one.
  4. Now make this page look like the old one.
  5. Once done, move on and invite all friends to your page. 
  6. What we did? We created new page and invited all members. But this didn't invite in the first page. So let’s follow the next step that will help you to understand it.
  7. So now, the only step that is remaining is to merge the first page with the newly created page. I hope you can do it yourself. It not, then I will be writing a tutorial for it too.

At a Glance

In the above tutorial, the mechanism works like this, first create a new page similar to old one then invite all your friends to the new page then merge the new page with old page. That’s done!


I hope you successfully performed the trick. If one of you is unable to merge pages then please wait for our next article in which we are going to discuss about the method that helps to merge pages together. Now it’s time to share this article with your friends, so please be kind to us and click on any social button below.

I am the administrator of this tiny blog. I badly love technology. If you like this post, please hit a share button above. Thanks!

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