UNIX Command Line Tool For Windows 7/8/10

2:16 AM
UNIX command line tool on your windows pc
Have you been missing the UNIX command line tool on your windows pc? No worry! J Here is a short guide that will help you to run UNIX command line tool on your windows pc.

If you are using windows then you will obviously miss some awesome UNIX tools like AWK, SED, WGET, GREP, TR, etc. However, there exist a way through which you can run these tools on windows too.

UNIX Command Line Tool Using Cygwin

There is a software application called Cygwin. It’s a type of software that creates UNIX based environment that provides functionality similar to UNIX on windows. It is a UNIX like environment and includes a good collection of UNIX based commands.
Once you go through the Cygwin official website, you will something telling what isn’t Cygwin is?

So the answer to this question is also provided there. Everything is clear. Strictly speaking, Cygwin is a UNIX based environment for windows but it doesn’t actually run UNIX applications on windows. If and only if someone want to run UNIX application on windows then you have to rebuild the complete application so that it can run on Windows operating system.

Now, let’s download Cygwin below,

Once the download get completes, move to this page to get a clear guide for installation.


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