Add all Friends To Facebook Group In A Single Click 2015

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add all Friends To Facebook Group In A Single Click 2015

Hello guys! So we have already known the method to invite all friends to Facebook page in a single click. If you are new user, then click on the above link. You will find that awesome article there. By the way, today we are going to learn, how to add all friends to Facebook group in a single click. I am going to the best method. So if you have many friends to your list than it’s awesome. If you don’t have enough friends and looking for a tutorial or trick to add more friends than keep calm, we are soon going to write a tutorial on that too. Till then, enjoy the procedure explained below.
There are many method of inviting friends to Facebook group. I am not going to explain all the methods here and make this post lengthy. I am just going to explain some of them (other posts too) so that you can get advantage of it and later on I will post other methods too. You can try any one which you think is best for you.

Add All Friends To Facebook Group Using Google Chrome

These are the two methods I will be discussing in this blog.
  1. Using Google Chrome Extension
  2. Using Script

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In this post, we are going to start from the first method and in my next post, we will end with second method.

Using Google Chrome Extension

Google chrome is one of my best browsers. It supports awesome plugins which are quite advantageous. So here, we are going to use Google Chrome’s extension that will help us to add all friends to Facebook group with just a click. So let’s see which plugin can do this job. And it is Facebook Group Invite All. Facebook Group Invite All Extension of Google chrome can be used for this task and we are going to use it. So let’s start
add all Friends To Facebook Group In A Single Click 2015

Step 1: Download Facebook Group Invite All Extension from here

Step 2: Once you install it, you will be taken to the donation page so close it.

Step 3: Now, go to the group in which you want to add friends

Step 4: Click the plugin that appears beside the URL bar in your Google chrome browser.

Step 5: Wait while it adds your friends

Step 6: You are done!


I hope you enjoyed this trick. If any step appeared difficult for you then comment below so that I can help you. Now it’s time to share this article with your friends. Please click the share button below. Thanks!

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