How To Convert M4a To Mp3 Music File Using iTunes?

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Today in this tutorial, I am going to tell you how to convert M4a files into mp3 format. Here is a very quick guide; I am going to share with you by which you can convert your m4a music file to mp3.

Yesterday, when I was using YouTube, I found a very cool and damn awesome playback in a video. I downloaded the audio file by using online downloader. Actually, that audio file was .m4a format. I tried playing it with Windows media player but it didn’t work so I came to know that the file needs a codec to be run. So, I installed the codec to windows media player and played the song. It worked well. But I thought; why not convert the file to mp3 instead of installing codec? So finally, I planned to concert the file to mp3 and hence did it. Now, I am going to share the way I converted it.
For converting m4a to mp3, we need a file/program, and its iTunes. You must have iTunes to convert the file m4a to mp3 if you are following this tutorial. By the way, there are other converters as well but I found ITunes working best out of them. So, please download iTunes from the button given below and follow the below tutorial.

Convert M4A Files To MP3 Using iTunes

Please follow the steps given below,

Step 1: Download iTunes from the link given above.

Step 2: Now, Install it.

Step 3: Once the installation gets completed, open iTunes.

Step 4: In the menu, click on edit.

Step 5: Then go to preferences.

Step 6: Click on import settings.

Step 7: Import using Mp3 Encoder.

Step 8: Select the required quality in settings.

Step 9: Click on Ok and then save it.

Step 10: Now navigate to the required file.

Step 11: Right click on it and click create mp3 version.

Note: Settings may differ in different version of iTunes.


And that’s all, you finally converted the file. Hope that worked for you. Now you can convert m4a files to mp3 easily. Again, let’s share this tutorial with others. Please click the share button below and let others know about this easy trick. Thanks!

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