How To Logout From Facebook Messenger in Android?

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Logout From Facebook Messenger From Android

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Do you use Facebook messenger application on your android phone/tablet? Are you unable to logout from there? Are you looking for a solution to this issue? Okay! You have landed to the right place. Today, I am going to tell you how you can logout from your messenger in android device.

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This trick is quite easy and interesting. Actually, there is no any logout button in the real app. You might have discovered it. There is no any function that can let you logout so you need to force it to do so. I hope you are getting me. Although messenger is an amazing application, it has a main drawback. I don’t know whether it is a drawback or an advantage. I call it drawback because it is pointless to have no logout button. Suppose, you have logged in to your Facebook account through messenger and soon you found that it’s time to logout, you toggled to menu, trying to find an exit door and finally you discovered that there is no way to logout. Your account keeps on running and hence you feeling weird. However, we have a solution for this problem. Okay! Without wasting more time discussing about these things, let’s start out tutorial.

Note: I have seen some guys, when they are unable to logout, they change their password. I advise you to stop these kiddie process and read this tutorial.

Easy Logout From Facebook Messenger In Android

Logout From Facebook Messenger From Android

Please follow the steps given below to perform this task/trick.

Step 1: Close Facebook messenger.

Step 2: Remove it from recent apps history. Hold home button and then swipe it away from the list.

Step 3: Go to your phone menu and then go to settings.

Step 4: Go to app setting. Unable to find? Toggle between menus and you will get it.

Step 5: Try to locate the messenger app in application settings.

Step 6: Found? Click on it.

Step 7: Now, click on clear data.

Step 8: You have been logged out. Done!

Now go back to the messenger application, you will find yourself logged out. Isn’t the trick smart and cool? So why to worry? Keep calm and keep visiting to our website.


I hope you followed the trick and been logged out successfully. This trick is 100000% working and you don’t need to change password. Now, it’s time to share this post with your friends and mates. So, go now and click the share button below. It’s your time now!

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