How To Automatically Poke Back People On Facebook?

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Automatically Poke Back People On Facebook
AutoPoke Friends On Facebook

Today in this article, we are going to learn how to automatically poke back peoples on Facebook. So before we begin,

What is Poke in Facebook?

In real life, poke is “jab or prod (someone or something) with one's finger or a sharp object.” So, Facebook also mean the same thing but we do not use out finger or sharp object to poke someone. It’s just a type of activity in which we try to get attention of your friend or people.

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Is it possible to Automate this Job?

Strictly, if you think automate, here, means to make it completely automatic then you are misunderstood. Suppose someone poke you and you are offline (Not using FB) so you may think, the trick will do the job. But NO! Unless you are online (Using FB), you cannot do this job. Thus the trick will work something like this. Suppose you get a lot of pokes and you wanna poke them back but you are unable. So at that time, you can use this trick, when you click the button then it will start the job and during the session if someone pokes you, they will be poked back. This is how it works.

How To Automatically Poke Back Friends On Facebook?

I know most of you are using Chrome or Firefox. However, some might be using other browsers as well. So for your convenience, I am dividing this section into two parts. The first one deals with Google Chrome and the second one with Firefox. Those using chrome should check chrome section and those using Firefox should check Firefox section.
First, let’s begin with chrome section.

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For Google Chrome

Poke All Chrome Extension

This Google Chrome extension is used to poke all your friends who poked you. You can get this extension from the Chrome store. It has a function that lets you to automatically poke friends. So you can explore that yourself. But first, let’s install it.

Step 1: Click the button below. It will take you to the chrome store.

Step 2: Once you reach there, click on add to chrome.
Automatically Poke Back People On Facebook
Poke All

Step 3: Now, open the poke page and click on poke. It will start to poke all friends.

Facebook Auto Poke Chrome Extension

This chrome extension also does the same work as the above extension. If the above one doesn’t work then check this one. Download the extension below.

Facebook Auto Poke Chrome

Automatically Poke Back People On Facebook
Facebook Auto Poke

Poke Back Using User Script

Okay! This method involves use of script. You can get the script below. To install this script, you must have to follow the below instruction.

Step 1: Download the script.

Step 2: Go to settings then move to extensions page. Drag the downloaded extension to the page and it will be installed.

For Firefox

Here starts the Firefox section.

FaceTweak Firefox Extension To Auto Poke Back

FaceTweak is a Firefox extension used for doing Facebook tweaks. However, it allows to automatically poking the friends back. Let’s download this extension from here:

Using Script along Grease Monkey

Download the below script. Install Grease money. Install the script using grease monkey.


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