Arms Of Revenge PC Game Free Download

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Arms Of Revenge PC Game Free Download
Arms Of Revenge PC Game
Arms Of Revenge is one of my best action arcade games for windows pc. I have played this game several times. There are many levels in this awesome game. Will is the main character in this game against to Bloody Fox. A mafia named Perfect Hand Of God murdered Will’s father so that they can use his experimental metal hand for their robot. The hand was first tested on Will.

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Now you play Arms Of Revenge as will. Beat the enemies and get the world free of the mafia. You can play Arms of Revenge as 4 different game modes. They are Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. Initially, you will find easy and medium level unlocked but later you need to unlock hard and expert yourself. You can buy awesome moves which Will can perform. Learning the moves may require some expenses. You can also buy different items that will enhance your action. You can buy health slot upgrades, energy slot upgrades, etc. You can unlock different CG. And you can get achievement bonus as well. So play Arms Of Revenge and submit your high score.

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Now you can download Arms of Revenge PC game from the download link provided below.

Arms Of Revenge PC Game Free Download

Download Arms Of Revenge From the download link below
Note: If the game doesn't work, please comment below.

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